LA PARTIDA Película gay / homosexual. Trailer.

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maura699 says:

No juzgáis o seréis juzgados.

luisgomi1 says:

Iuuuu sebe interesante

Sfredy Josue Karrum says:

pues estaría muy bien mirarla alguien que la quiera ver conmigo 

Elías Sutton says:

Gioniver, extraordinarias citas y muy acertados los comentarios. Recordemos que la gente ignorante siempre hablara … la gente inteligente solo observa, calla y escucha !!

Jose Estrada says:

yo tambien soy gay….posdata: que rico

anaquel souza says:

Já sei que, vai demorar um longo tempo até que eu possa ver esse filme. Aqui no Brasil as coisas são mais difíceis mas…ok. Grande filme eu amei ♥

marco bucio says:

donde tu puedo compra la película , me justo quiero

Yocoono romero flores says:

si se la mamo

Charly Bovino says:

Que lindos vagos

40racquel says:

Hi, what’s the movie called in english please?

marso soso says:

how can i wacth the full movie of this ?

dainer soler says:


dainer soler says:


Roger Bovee says:

THE BIBLE teaches “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination, they shall surely be put to death, their blood shall be upon them” in Leviticus. The abominable “shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.” Revelations 21:8. The good news is that “whosoever shall call on the name of the LORD (Jesus) shall be saved.” Click on “Roger Bovee” above and then “Salvation” at upper right.

phoenixclk says:

aka fanny bandit, rump ranger, butt pirate, pole smoker, butt basher, pillow biter, shit stabber, fudge packer, ankle grabber, anal assassin, anal astronaut, queers, queens, fairy, fagget, fruit, homo’s, bone smuggler, bum chums, butt buddies, hemorrhoid hitman, log jammer, pilot of the chocolate runway, pitcher, catcher, sausage jockey, weeny watcher, pecker checker, sausage stalker, peter gazer, sperm burper.

buddhacreative693 says:

Law is for the society; love is for the individual. Law is how you behave with others; love is how you behave with yourself. Love is an inner flowering; law is an outward performance. Because you live with people you have to be lawful, but that is not enough — good, but not enough.

jmonsow says:

Call me baby 085340334094

genaro flores sanchez says:

Donde la puedo descargar completa ke padre ke realizen cinr gay donde los ignorantes se den cuents ke los gays tmbien tenemos sentimientos

Ernest Whitman says:

You’re got you’re quotes mixed up. The first one was from the old testiment and as far as i’m concerned you shouldn’t wach this type of thing and then broadcast your beliefs. If we want to get preached to we will go to church. So fuck off

tyamada21 says:

And the Bible says a lot of other things too that don’t add up and make sense logically. It’s 2013 – you obviously still haven’t woken up to the fact that, like other written beliefs, while there is much wisdom & good advice, there’s also an abundance of illogical advice added by men over the centuries who wanted to enforce their self centered views & powers over others. The Bible says nothing to explain why some humans & many other animals are born to become gay, but the fact is, they are. CONT

tyamada21 says:

There’s a new book out titled Ztingar. I highly recommend it & encourage you to read it. I think by the time you have, your views on this subject & many others will change dramatically. It presents the most logical ‘answers’ to LIFE that I’ve ever come across. The author uses animals as the background characters to present the story, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but don’t let that put you off, because the info it contains , especially in the second half is truly mind-blowing!

tyamada21 says:

Might I also add that nowhere in the Bible does Jesus mention a word about homosexuality. One of his disciples does – the same disciple that ran off with the others when Jesus was arrested and denied knowing him. So what does that tell us about how much he actually believed and understood what Jesus actually taught? And then it was almost 30 years after before the teachings were written down – imagine how much distortion there was by then. CONT

tyamada21 says:

What Jesus was doing however, was changing the old testement. Why was he doing this? Because it had been interferred with and filled with hate. He only got so far before they murdered him and now we are left with some of what he changed to a more compassionate approach, mixed with the hatred he didn’t have a chance to finish. And look at the suffering that followed throughout history. Wake up Roger and see… you’ve been given the wisdom – it’s all there to be awakened – think for yourself. :o)

AbeLinguista says:

I’m gay, but I don’t lie with mankind as he lieth a woman, I lie with mankind, as lieth with a MAN! I’ve call my Lord!!! and he has saved me, and he (or she, he/she doesn’t mind genre, this is only for humans and animals) he saved me and gave his love: The LOVE, the only one true rule for being son’s God: love the people as I loved you always! Wake up

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